I draw pictures of your adventures. 


Have you been on a epic adventure, seen spectacular views, witnessed an African sunset or got lost in a desert and took some great photos?

Commissions are a great way to get one of my mountain drawings or landscapes based on a place or a memory that you love.

Instead of forgetting about your trip in a folder on your computer I can take your photos and turn them into a masterpiece.

With my artistic eye, I can see which style or medium to use that will bring out the best of your photo and let you relive the experience every time you look at it. 

What you have to do:

1. Go on an adventure

2. Fall in love with your environment

3. Take a photo of the landscape

4. Send the photo to diane@shearer.co.za

5. I’ll do the magic

It is a good idea to look through images of my previous work so you can let me know if there is anything you particularly love or dislike. – www.dianeshearer.co.za