How do the payments work.

  • Registered buyer finds the service they are after.
  • After a successful checkout via PayPal the order status is changed to ACTIVE
  • The order is then received by the Seller (Freelancer). The Buyer will automatically receive an invoice for their purchase after completing checkout.
  • The funds will then be transferred to the Bidda holding account until the job is completed.
  • The Freelancer can now click on the START button to begin the project. The countdown timer to completion begins once START is pressed.
  • The Freelancer Revenues screen will now also reflect the agreed amount minus site commission in the WORKING column of his dashboard.
  • When the seller completes the project, he will click on the DELIVER button. A pop up will appear where he can attach the files and write a message to the seller.
  • The project status will now be changed to DELIVERED.
  • If the seller is happy with the job, they will click ACCEPT.
  • The buyer can now rate the Freelancer and vice versa.
  • The project is now changed to FINISHED and the WORKING amount is now transferred to AVAILABLE where the Freelancer can request a withdrawal for the agreed amount minus the site commission.

If you don`t have a PayPal account you can sign up HERE for free.

What if the buyer never clicks complete.

The order will automatically change to COMPLETED after 7 days, the freelancer will receive the agreed amount minus the site commission.

Is there a dispute process.

Yes, the order can be disputed before or after the order has been delivered.

  • If either party isn`t happy during the process they can click DISPUTE
  • Order status will now be changed to DISPUTING
  • The Admin of Bidda will now have access to all the details regarding the order and help decide the outcome with the affected parties.
  • Once its decided if either Freelancer or Seller gets the agreed amount the order status is changed to RESOLVED

Please note in the case of a dispute the site commission rate still applies, if the money is to be refunded to the buyer the commission charges will still be subtracted and vice versa.

How do I withdraw available funds.

In the REVENUES screen there are 3 monetary columns

  • WORKING reflects the amount for projects that are active at the moment.
  • AVAILABLE is the total amount for withdrawal after successful completion of projects.
  • PENDING is when Bidda Admin is reviewing the order.

To withdraw funds you need to have an active PayPal account. Only funds in the AVAILABLE column can be withdrawn. The minimum amount that can be currently withdrawn is R50.

Once the request to withdraw has been received by Admin the funds will be paid over and available in the Freelancers PayPal account.

If you decide not to withdraw, the available funds can act as site credits that you can use to purchase services from other Freelancers if you so wish.

Can I upload a video to my listing.

Yes you can, all you need to do is copy your Youtube or Vimeo link within the description part of your listing.

Once your listing is live, your embedded video will appear.

This section will be updated periodically. If you have any other questions not answered in this section please contact us HERE